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– We have a singular advisory focus – 

get to optimal code velocity as fast as possible!


“Show me the incentive and I will show you the outcome" - Charlie Munger

We do not look at companies that we offer advise to as our clients, but more as our partners, and we really, really mean that! To this end:


We choose our advisory partners as much as they choose us


We build a culture of extreme ownership and hold each other accountable


We align our incentives with the long term incentives of our partners




Is Root NYC the right partner for you? To answer this lets consider a few things:


1) Are you developing or looking to develop products and services in any combination of the industry verticals, business functions, and technology areas listed below?


2) Are you willing to take the hard steps needed to transform your organization to attain optimal code velocity? This in particular includes:

  • Cultural changes to how your organization thinks of information technology – not just as an OpEx optimizer, but as a revenue enabler

  • Investment in the tools, methodologies, and personnel required to optimize for code velocity

  • Providing a singular focus and executive leadership support on attaining code velocity

3) Are you willing to work with a partner that might often disagree with your point of view?

If you are looking for a “vendor” that mostly agrees with you as long as they get paid, we are not the right partner for you.We are more than willing to walk away from a situation where we don’t feel like there is a strong commitment towards excellence and building compelling products and services.

4) Are you open to compensation models that are not strictly time and materials or fixed-cost based?

While we do work on both time and materials and fixed-cost contracts, we are constantly looking for ways through which we can align ourselves more towards the long-term goals of our partners. These range all the way from rev share arrangements to JV opportunities.  

5) Are you willing to charge an Innovation/R&D tax on yourself to attain code velocity and build compelling products and services?

If you are primarily interested in pleasing your investors with short term returns, then we are not the right partner for you. There are some exceptional scenarios. e.g. near term exit opportunities for a particular product or service where the focus is a short term return, but more often than not, the focus should be on driving long-term excellence and competitive advantage.

If you have answered yes to all of the above questions please click the button below and set up some time to talk to us